Fink Truss

Fink Truss Cheshire

Traditional Trusses for an economic and versatile roof solutions

A fink roof truss is traditionally the most commonly used truss type, providing a simple, adaptable and cost efficient roofing solution.

The “fink” is a basic webbed truss design that provides the most economical roof solution.

The web members form a ‘W’ to provide a high strength structure with good load-carrying capacity. The roof load is transmitted entirely to support on the wallplates.

The fink truss can also be used as a support for other trusses by doubling or trebling the number of plies, i.e. in a “hip” roof.

Due to its design flexibility, the fink truss is the most frequently used truss in roof design. With a large variety of spans up to 14 metres and pitch range from 10° to 60°, the finks truss offers a cost effective and versatile roof solution.

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